Additional Capacity Nursing Services

Based out of the Oxford Centre and led by Senior Nurse Wendy Bell, our team is building up to provide the full range of services provided in practice plus ECGs and 24 hour BP. Hovering over the slots will identify what is suitable to book in and the appointment length. They also get actively involved in research and training our apprentice HCAs.

Funding source

EA budget

IIF budget

If can do CVD Health Checks at OC and close loop with Wendy Bell can use that funding

Research monies

ARRS funding for Cardiology

Aiming for LES for ECG and 24 hour BP

PCN Management Llead

Mr Ross Hawkins

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Dr Lunn (Clinical Director)

Team Lead

Wendy Bell (Practice Nurse)

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

Wendy Bell to devise a supervision and training program

Claire Watson (Cardiology Nurse) overseeing ECG service

Areas of Responsibility





Chronic disease reviews

24 hour BPs

Health Checks

Research Activities

Metrics needed

Provide some hours to EA

24 hour BP available within 2 weeks

ECGs within the week

Appointments for bloods available within 7 days

Who leads on team metrics

Wendy Bell – Performance

Dr Lunn – Clinical issues

Staff                                                                Employment

Jan Scott                      – HCA                           Stephenson Park

Theresa Jackson          – HCA                           Stephenson Park

Wendy Bell                  – RGN                           Stephenson Park

Trainee HCA x 2                                               NECS – Managed by Wendy Bell and Ross Hawkins

Members area