Learning Disabilities Team

We are working with LD:North East in order improve the care and support we offer patients with learning disabilities in our area. We have 2 expert Care Co-ordinators working across our Primary Care Network for adults and children and a Health and Well Being Coach. Their input is enabling practices to understand challenges and consider new ways of working in order to reduce barriers to medical care for this patient population.

Funding source


IIF Top Up

PCN Management Lead

Mrs Lin Murray

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Dr Lunn (Clinical Director)

Team Lead

Dr Kate Grisaffi           GP West Farm             – PCN Lead

Michelle Taylor           LDNE                            – Day to day lead

Julie Redpath               LDNE                            – LDNE team lead

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

Dr Kate Grisaffi           GP West Farm             – PCN Lead

Areas of responsibility


Metrics needed

LD Health checks – IIF £11,000

From PCN DES 2022/23

A PCN must:

a. identify and include all patients with a learning disability on the learning disability register, and make all reasonable efforts to deliver an annual learning disability health check and health action plan for at least 75% of these patients who are aged over 14;

b. record the ethnicity of all patients registered with the PCN (or record that the patient has chosen not to provide their ethnicity); and

c. appoint a lead for tackling health inequalities within the PCN. We have picked the LD population within the PCN as experiencing inequality in health provision and/or outcomes, and have developed a plan to tackle the unmet needs of that population.

To develop that plan, a PCN and commissioner must have jointly:

a. utilised available data on health inequalities to identify that selected population, working in partnership with their ICS, including local medical or pharmaceutical committees, and local authority commissioners;

b. held discussions with local system partner organisations who have existing relationships with the selected population to agree an approach to engagement;

c. held engagement with the selected population to understand the gaps in, and barriers to their care; and

d. defined an approach for identifying and addressing the unmet needs of this population.

The PCN’s finalised plan to tackle the unmet needs of the selected population must include:

a. locally defined measures agreed with local commissioners in line with, and co-ordinated between, wider system strategies to tackle drivers of inequalities;

b. delivery of relevant interventions or referrals to services that provide these interventions for the selected population; and

c. ongoing engagement with the selected population

Who leads on team metrics

LDNE , Dr Grisaffi and Dr Lunn

Staff                                                                                        Place of work / Practice

Dr Kate Grisaffi           – PCN Lead                                           West Farm

Michelle Taylor           – Health and Wellbeing Coach            LDNE 

Julie Redpath               – LDNE Team Lead                               LDNE

Lesley Winter              – Care Coordinator                              LDNE

Steven Ellis                  – Care Coordinator Children                LDNE

Members area