Pharmacy Team

The Pharmacy team aims to have a presence in every practice. Whilst most time can be spent doing practice based work, some time is needed to hit PCN targets provided below. It’s providing these targets that enables us to continue to employ the pharmacy team. All ultimately will become prescribers and will pass through CPPE.

They come together monthly under Dr Iqbal and Mr Davies guidance to share learning.

Funding Source

ARRS funding

Extra topped up by IIF

PCN Management Llead

Mrs Lin Murray

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Dr Lunn (Clinical Director)

Team Lead

Medicine Lead Appraisals and Practice Business –  Paul Davies

Training and Development – Dr Naeem Iqbal

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

Day to day work, annual leave – largely through practice

HR and pay via PCN Management lead

Monthly catch up with Dr Iqbal and Paul Davies +/- Dr Lunn to look at metrics

Monthly educational catch up

Areas of Responsibility

Pharmacy component of IIF – full remit to be decided

Practice defined medicines management

CPPE completion

Emergency staffing of vaccination drives for pandemic illness

Metrics needed

SMR targets and CVD Targets TBD

A PCN is required to:

a. use appropriate tools to identify and prioritise the PCN’s Patients who would benefit from a structured medication review (referred to in this Network Contract DES Specification as a “SMR”), which must include patients:in care homes;

  • with complex and problematic polypharmacy, specifically those on 10 or more medications;
  • on medicines commonly associated with medication errors;
  • with severe frailty who are particularly isolated or housebound
  • patients, or who have had recent hospital admissions and/or falls
  • using one or more potentially addictive medications from the following groups: opioids, gabapentinoids, benzodiazepines and z-drugs;

b. offer and deliver a volume of SMRs determined and limited by the PCN’s clinical pharmacist capacity, and the PCN must demonstrate reasonable ongoing efforts to maximise that capacity;

c. ensure invitations for SMRs provided to patients explain the benefits of, and what to expect from SMRs;

d. ensure that only appropriately trained clinicians working within their sphere of competence undertake SMRs. The PCN must also ensure that these professionals undertaking SMRs have a prescribing qualification and advanced assessment and history taking skills, or be enrolled in a current training pathway to develop this qualification and skills;

e. clearly record all SMRs within GP IT systems;

f. actively work with its ICB in order to optimise the quality of local prescribing of:

i. antimicrobial medicines;

ii. medicines which can cause dependency;

iii. metered dose inhalers, where a lower carbon device may be appropriate; 

iv. nationally identified medicines of low priority

g. work with community pharmacies to connect patients appropriately to the New Medicines Service which supports adherence to newly prescribed medicines;

h. in complying with this section 8.1.14.b, have due regard to NHS England guidance on Structured Medication Reviews and Medicines Optimisation

Who leads on team metrics

Dr Lunn and Dr Iqbal

Staff                                                                            Place of work / Practice

Paul Davies                  – Pharmacist                            Stephenspn Park

Habib Jiwa                   – Pharmacist                            Stephenson Park

Hassnan Khan             – Pharmacist                            Stephenson Park

Maxine Richardson     – Pharmacy Technician            Stephenson Park

Sohaib Iqbal                – Pharmacist                            Swarland

Barbara Aslett             – Pharmacist                            Mallard

Jasmine Opie               – Pharmacist                            Wideopen

Lisa Ayton-Brown        – Pharmacist                            Woodlands

Ashleigh Boyes            – Pharmacist                            Lane End

Dawn Robertshaw      – Pharmacy Technician            Wellspring

Kristine Turner            – Pharmacist                            West Farm

Sarah Hamilton           – Pharmacy Technician            West Farm

Caitlyn Madden           – Pharmacist (on sabbatical)   Wellspring

Pre Reg Pharmacists

Members area