Care Home Team

Team of 3 Frailty Practitioners working under the supervision of Dr Funmi Nixon, providing services to care homes aligned to Wideopen, Woodlands Park, West Farm, Lane End and Swarland Surgeries. Forest Hall, Wellspring and Mallard Surgeries provide their own regular care home service.  The team was developed prior to PCN set up and funded via PMS redistribution monies. Staff are embedded in GP practices but come together weekly at the Oxford Centre. Chipchase House has weekly contact from West Farm Surgery and Lane End Surgery and this is funded via a different agreement. The aim is to improve both patient and staff experience of care homes, reduce unnecessary admissions and co-construct, and help deliver the outcomes in emergency care plans.

Funding source

PMS monies – being topped up from IIF (£15,000 2022/23)  and Care Home LES

PCN Management Lead

Mr Ross Hawkins

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Dr Lunn (Clinical Director)

Team Lead

Dr Funmi Nixon

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

Dr Funmi Nixon – education and development provided via TyneHealth

Areas of responsibility

Employment – TyneHealth

Metrics needed

IIF –Personalised Care & Support Plan agreed (coded as in care home seen on ward round code)

SMR – for care homes. Pharmacists need to link in

PCN DES criteria

Who leads on team metrics

Dr Lunn for non Team care homes ( Park View, Chipchase House and Stephenson Park ) Dr Lunn SMR metrics

Dr Funmi Nixon and Dr Lunn for IIF metrics

Staff                Place of work / Practice

Funmi Nixon – TyneHealth Clinical Lead

Sarah Willers

Sarah Halliday

Michelle Scott

Members area