Social Prescribing Team

The social prescribers allow patients to be linked with non-medical sources of support within the local community. These can include opportunities for activities, volunteering, befriending and self-help as well as support with problems (e.g benefits, employment, debt). The involvement of social prescribers within primary care provides much wider holistic care and is invaluable for supporting patients.

Funding source

ARRS refunded , IIF

PCN Management Lead

Mrs Lin Murray

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Dr Lunn (Clinical Director)

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

Via employing organisation

Areas of responsibility

Engaging with a Social Prescribing lead in each practice

Managing all social prescribing referrals

Coding all referrals into the system

Metrics needed

No specific number of referrals

Need to include outcome on metric and practice feedback

Who leads on team metrics

Mrs Lin Murray


Mandy Robinson

Esmeralda Robinson

Mairi Stanton

Victoria Locke

Amy Ashley

Emily Eskdale

Kelly Ness

Members area