PCN Management

The PCN runs on minimal non-clinical staffing compared to a traditional general practice. It relys on support from practices who are currently paid £1.76 per patient for signing up to the PCN DES. The team are mindful to only expand its workforce when needed and are keen on making sure all leaders are able to help out if one member of the team is unavailable. All of the senior leadership team have regular updates and training to help keep the PCN ship on course. Whilst the team works closely together it is held to account by the PCN Board of core practices. New in 2023/24 we want to introduce a Chair of the PCN to hold the rest of the PCN to account. More details around this and governance are found in the Network Schedules.

Funding source

PCN Core funding £1.5 per reg patient c £110,000

PCN Leadership and Management £0.699 per patient £51,000

Clinical Director Payment £0.722 per pt £52,700

IIF if needed

Some Research Time from funding bids

Enhanced Access funding to cover 3 Administrators



PCN Chairperson and Finance Director

Mr John Snaith            8 hours per week

Brief Summary of Role

The chairperson leads the board, sets its agenda and ensures it is an effective working group. They must promote a culture of openness and debate and is responsible for effective communication with PCN. They must ensure that all board members receive accurate, timely and clear information. They hold members of the Senior Leadership Team to account. Oversight of financial accounts provided to them

PCN Operations Manager

Mr Ross Hawkins         37.5 hours per week

Brief Summary of Role

Leads on day to day running and organisational management of the PCN alongside activities needed for the delivery needed to implement NHS strategies. The Operations Manager is directly responsible for establishing a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment.

PCN Business Manager

Mrs Lin Murray           24 hours  per week

Brief Summary of Role

Specific focus on the overall day to day financial and budget management including oversight of PCN DES sources of income and project management, alongside activities needed for co ordination  within the PCN. This role helps implement strategies to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

PCN Clinical Director

Dr James Lunn             8 sessions a week

Brief Summary of the Role

The remit of the Clinical Director role is to further bring practices and a range of stakeholders together to collaborate at scale for the development and delivery of service to a local population. The PCN will provide a framework and focus that will support the sharing of skills, knowledge, good practice and communication across all the member practices. The Clinical Director will help foster a culture of quality improvement within the PCN and ICS. The role will also have a particular remit in enabling the PCNs to re-orientate the health and care system towards population health and population health management as they will have a granular knowledge and understanding of their local communities. The CD holds overall accountability for provision of services by the PCN employed team. The Deputy Deputises these roles.

Deputy Clinical Director

Dr Kathryn Blomfield 2 session per week

Brief Summary of the Role

The role of the deputy CD is to deputise for the PCN CD in their absence and undertake to develop and implement changes to the PCN as appropriate. The PCN CD can delegate some of their remit to their deputy.

PCN Overall Accountable Person (CD or Deputy CD)

Clinical Director                      Dr James Lunn

Deputy Clinical Director         Dr Kathryn Blomfield

Team Lead

Each person has own lead roles

Individuals Team Members Supervision / Education

JL KB RH & LM held accountable by the Chair

JL & JS held accountable by the Board

JL to supervise and hold Chair to account

EW managed by RH

JR managed by RH and EW, as his team lead

Annual appraisal of Staff

360 feedback

Areas of responsibility

To over see the efficient running of the PCN and its services outlined in this document

Metrics needed

Annual PCN survey and feedback

Who leads on team metrics

Chair of the Board


Dr James Lunn  

Dr Kathryn Blomfield Deputy PCN CD

Mr John Snaith

Mrs Lin Murray

Mr Ross Hawkins

Mrs Eve Wright                       – Senior Administrator

Members area